21 November 2014


Outfit credits: Golden Haze Filterrific tee, vintage Lewis jeans, Belleshoes moto jacket, H&M hoodie and glasses, Dr Martens boots

19 November 2014

Missguided velvet wanties

I feel there hasn't been as much velvet going around this fall as there was last year. I still think it's the greatest material for this season however, because it can be worn both casually and for dressing up. And I like to think that it's a little warmer than regular jersey fabrics, but maybe that's just in my head. But anyhow. Missguided doesn't disappoint in their collection of velvet pieces this year, and here are some of my favs.

Malin out. 

18 November 2014

we out there ✌

Outfit credits: Choies top, H&M hoodie, Cubus jacket, Missguided pants, Public Desire boots, episode sunglasses. 

17 November 2014


Outfit credits: Hicustom.net custom printed tee, vintage coat, H&M hoodie, Public Desire boots, Famous Ape sunglasses, ebay/DIY choker. 

15 November 2014

I can't change

I figured it was time to change it up again. Also jumping on the trend of fake septums, because it looks badass. 

14 November 2014

12 November 2014


Outfit credits: Vintage coat and tee, H&M hoodie, Bikbok pants, Nike Free sneakers, ebay sunglasses.

Hi, check out this interview I made with Cloth. I talk some about feminism, which is not something I get to do very often(partly by choice, though), so that's kinda cool.

Malin out.

10 November 2014


Outfit credits: Vintage coat, H&M hoodie and skater dress, UNIF Forgive Me tank, Missguided heels and Famous Ape sunglasses. 

08 November 2014

Two Weeks

Outfit credits: Vintage coat and shirt, Bikbok skirt, Dr Martens boots, UNIF snapback. 

Obsessed with this coat, Two Weeks by FKA twigs, and the TV-show The Fosters right now. 

Malin out. 

04 November 2014


Outfit credits: The Orphan's Arms sweater, Beyond Retro vintage fake fur coat, Lager 157 jeans, Dr Martens boots, ebay sunglasses, assorted jewelry.

30 October 2014

Picture Diary / uncertain / Magdalena from space

I'm sure I've said before, but I have a second instagram. It's called magdalenafromspace, and it's sort of my "private" one, although it's not private. It's more of my picture diary that I keep for my own sake. It's for all those small details in life that are beautiful, and you want to remember and take pictures of. When I'm on vacation I usually post those photos there. The reason I'm doing this post is because I'm going away for the weekend and I never got around to preparing blog posts. So I thought I'd share this. And now I have finally upgraded to a iPhone 5S (from the shitty 4 I've had for the past six months), so I think I will take more photos now that the camera doesn't take forever to start up.

In case you were wondering why it's Magdalena from space, it's because my given name, Malin, is a shortened, Scandinavian version of Magdalena. I've gotten very attached to it in the past five or so years, and it feels as if it's sort of my magical alter-ego. 

Malin out.