15 September 2014

Fair Game

Outfit credits: 5preview.com sweater, Missguided sunglasses, ebay skirt and choker, UNIF Neo boots.

12 September 2014


Outfit credits: UNIF Sangre moto jacket, H&M hoodie, Gina Tricot crop top, Lager 157 jeans, Nelly.com boots.

So I accidentally bought a UNIF jacket. But to my defense the price that I ended up paying was out of this world for a UNIF garment, or anything of this quality. It was at Famous Ape (y'all know one of my fav stores in Malmö), and I don't actually know if it was on a discount or just seriously underpriced, but it was only 700 SEK (roughly $100). And it looks so good, guys, the fit is great. Even Lovisa said it was gorgeous and she's about as far from the style of UNIF as you can possibly get. It even has like five pockets that are all real! And we all know the struggle of fake pockets. Also, it should be said that it being in a burgundy velvet will make it a great statement piece for fall. 

Since my basic wardrobe is a lot of plain black clothes, I like to have pieces like this that are simple and wearable for the everyday, but that will automatically make any outfit look edgy. UNIF makes amazing such pieces, another example being the Hellraiser flats. 

Malin out.

ps. Still massively obsessed with Sia's album. The best part at work atm is when we listen to the NRJ  radio station and they play Chandelier like once an hour. ds.

10 September 2014

Five Fall Favourites

My five favorites for this upcoming fall has been inspired by some trends that I'm crazy about, and Raise.com, a site that lets you purchase discounted gift cards to your favorite brands and sell old gift cards for cash! Fall is probably my favorite season, partly because of my birthday, but also because I love the kind of clothes that you generally wear in "fall fashion", like light jackets, boots, layering and dark colors.

I didn't want to make a super generic post on fall fashion. I mean, everyone who cares the slightest about fashion knows we'll all wear lots of burgundy and plaid. So I thought I'd make this list about five "trends" that I'm personally crazy about right now, but that might not otherwise be typical for fall.  Hope you enjoy!

Fringe: I'm sure a lot of people associate fringe with spring fashion, and the festival season. But I will definitely be wearing it all of fall, in the form of these two jackets from Missguided. Get the tan suede one here, and the black one here.

Pastel pink: Also probably a spring-thing, you know, with pastels. But who cares? I love pink, it's my favorite color to wear after black. And I've been dying for a pastel pink coat since last fall season. Get coat here (Missguided), fluffy dress here (Motel/Asos) and sunglasses here (Missguided)

Big earrings: Now that I have really short hair again I enjoy wearing bigger earrings that doesn't get lost in the hair. My current favorites are the plain hoop earrings in the middle. All of these are store bought (apart from the moon, which is from here (Etsy)), so I can't link them, but I recomend browsing etsy for cool and unique jewelry online. Actually gonna do that myself right now, I think.

Low heels: Nothing better than shoes that look like you're a badass who wears heels in the everyday, but in reality it feels like you're walking in flats. Get there shoes here (H&M Sweden), here (Nelly.com) and here (UNIF/Dollskill)

Chokers: Also something I enjoy now with the short hair. Gives that Mathilda (Natalie Portman) from the movie Léon vibe. And also it kinda always look edgy. The tattoo chokers are from eBay/Gina Tricot, the studded one form Shock and the other two are DIY.

So that's that for this time. If you'd like more posts like this one, let me know!

Malin out. 

08 September 2014

Eye of the needle

Outfit credits: Cubus moto jacket, Famous Ape lace kimono, H&M dress and sunglasses, O-Mighty hologram bag, Lindex necklace, vintage boots.

Yesterday was my birthday (I am now 23), and this was my outfit for my birthday dinner with the family. I got the lace kimono from my sisters, and it is amazing, since it's two of my favorite things right row, pink and fringed (I'll talk about this in a "fall favorites"-post later this week). They also gave me this gorgeous pink maxi lace dress that I am so excited to show you! I just need to shorten it and maybe take it in a bit first. 

Malin out.

ps. SO in love with Sia's album 1000 Forms of Fear. Been playing it on a constant repeat for the past few days. Love all the songs, and her voice! ds. 

05 September 2014

Don't even look at me you basic

Outfit credits: Carlings bomber jacket, Lager 157 jeans, O-Mighty hologram tote bag, H&M sunnies, vintage tee and boots, assorted jewelry. 

I've been pining for a hologram bag for over a year now, and when I saw this from O-Mighty it spoke to me on a spiritual level and I knew I had to have it no matter what. Luckily it didn't require much of any "no matter what" on my part. It even shipped way faster than it said on the website (they said 2-4 weeks, took 6 days from the date of placing the order). So 's all good.

Malin out. 

04 September 2014

Things not spoken about

Outfit credits: Missguided fringe jacket, bikbok maxi skirt, episode sunnies, vintage everything else. 

I dyed my hair pink again, because I can never resist. 

I also got tattoo nr. 8 yesterday. I was thinking I was finally going to do a "my tattoos"-post when the swelling has gone down some more, like next week. So I was wondering if anyone has any questions about it that they would like for me to answer, about my motives and experiences with tattoos? In case you do, leave a comment, or tweet/facebook (on my official page, tho, obviously) me and I'll try and answer whatever you might want to know!

Malin out.

ps. ALSO, I made a promise on ask.fm that I would do a photoshop tutorial for my basic color edit that I do in most my photos (like these for example). And I did, but posted it on my second blog, because I didn't want it to mess up the aesthetics of this one. But here's a link to it! ds.

01 September 2014

30 August 2014

Var finns du?

Outfit credits: 5preview tee, H&M hoodie and heels, Cheap Monday jeans, Gina Tricot choker, flea market sunnies. 

28 August 2014


Outfit credits: New Look denim jacket, H&M hoodie, vintage tee, boots and bag, Tobi shorts, Gina Tricot hoop earrings. 

26 August 2014

24 August 2014

Capital Z

Outfit credits: Cubus moto jacket, H&M dress, Hoodboyz snapback, vintage boots.

I suppose most of you think that the reason I call myself "Malin Z" online is because I don't want to use my full last name, or because on lookbook they mostly just show the initial of your last name. That is however not the case. I've been calling myself Malin Z for as long as I can remember. Even when I was in elementary school. There wasn't any other Malin in my class or anything at the time (there was in middle school, though), but I simply liked the letter Z. And in Sweden Malin is a quite common and basic name, so with the Z, I thought it sounded a bit more exotic. And now it's become quite fitting to use it as my "stage name". Besides, my full name is pretty unpronounceable unless you speak Swedish, and hard to spell, so it would be kinda pointless to use it anyway. The more you know!

Malin out.