28 February 2015

I'm a ruin

Outfit credits: Jollychick blazer, H&M hoodie, vintage tee, Lager 157 jeans, prestige sunglasses, Dr Martens Jadon boots.

Since I realized I can totally get away with wearing wigs out and about due to my side/undercuts, I've gotten a couple of new ones. This dark brown and a bright pink. They're basically the same wig as my Sia-wig, only I haven't cut them as short. It's especially nice to be able to rock some dark brown again. I really like it and I do miss it often!

22 February 2015

16 shades of black

In between work, homework and getting the purple color out of my hair I've been completely wrapped in redecorating and cleaning my flat. I decided my wall needed new pictures and that I wanted them to be mostly framed, so I've been painting frames and printing pictures all weekend. Earlier in the week I reorganized my "closet" (aka my bedroom). I used to have dresses and stuff on my hangar, but I figured it would make more sense to have my vintage tees there, both aesthetically and because it's what I mostly wear. So now there's a nice display of 16 shades of black. 

I put so much money and effort into interior design I should probably blog more about it, but I just think it's so boring to take photos of it. I mean, honestly, the pictures above are pretty awful, but I just can't be bothered. 

Malin out. 

17 February 2015

Power and Control

Outfit credits: Jollychic suit, Ralph Lauren shirt, Dr Martens Jadon boots

You know how you imagine awesome outfits in your head and dream up clothes you wish you owned? This look and this suit is one of those things for me. I've dreamed of this look for months, ever since Jessica Lange wore a pastel blue suit in American Horror Story. And now I have this beautiful one from Jollychic (also available in pink!). And with the wig, in my mess of a house I truly feel like I'm living a Sia music video!

Malin out.

15 February 2015


Outfit credits: Forever21 blazer, H&M hoodie, vintage tee, Lager 157 jeans, Dr Martens Jadon boots, Prestige sunglasses, Fantasyard brooch.

Love this brooch, I've moved it to my fake fur coat now, so I pretty much always have it on when I go out!

Malin out.

13 February 2015


Outfit credits: H&M jacket, hoodie and maxi dress, UNIF tee and backpack, Dr Martens Jadon boots

10 February 2015


Outfit credits: Cubus moto jacket, H&M hoodie, UNIF muscle tee, Lager 157 jeans, Primark/Penney's ceepers, Prestige sunglasses.

Got this new UNIF tee on sale at Famous Ape for ridiculous 99kr. If you're ever in Malmö they also have the red velvet Sangre moto jacket for only 400kr right now, if you like that one.

Malin out.

04 February 2015


Outfit credits: Cubus moto jacket, H&M hoodie, dress and beanie, Lager157 jeans, vintage boots, prestige sunglasses, UNIF backpack, ebay wig.

My look as a whole was on point this day, if I may say so myself. But now the snow and below zero degrees are back so I can't wear any of my moto jackets, depsite desperatly wanting to. Only good thing about it is that I can wear my "Sia-wig" all day erry day without getting too warm.

Malin out.

01 February 2015

30 January 2015

28 January 2015


Top left to bottom right: denim, striped, red, black, dark green, striped

I've had blazers on my mind for the past month. I got a new black one when I was in Dublin that I'm dying to wear as jacket when it gets warmer. And the past week my craze has intensified since Sia wore the most beautiful, floor length, red blazer that I had ever laid my eyes on when she was at SNL. I'm still failing to come across a similar one (because it has to be REALLY long). If you should find one, please let me know. But anyway, my obsession is not limited to long ones. Above is a selection of cool ones from Choies. I'm particularly eying the black and white striped one. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get my hands on it, one way or the other. It would be so cool to style with a vintage tee and jeans when spring finally kicks in!

Malin out. 

25 January 2015

23 January 2015

Bang my head against the wall

Outfit credits: Blind Youth tee, UNIF twerk jeans, H&M hoodie, Gina Tricot long knit cardigan, Dr Martens boots, New Look sheer heart socks.

I'm currently torn between wanting to look like I escaped a Sia music video and Helena from Orphan Black. 

I've been drooling over the UNIF twerk jeans since they came out (even though I can't twerk to save my life), and after months and months and months I finally have them. I got them of the Nasty Gal mid-season sale. It's too cold to wear them out most days here, still, but I wear them at home all the time. 

Also love this tee from Blind Youth. I pretty much only wear black vintage tees these days, and it's hard to come by newly fabricated ones that has like a "vintage look", which sucks when you find one with a cool print. This though, has that look. It's sort of off-black and quality fabric that makes it fall nicely so it looks far more worn than it is (UNIF tees are like that too). Also this print is awesome af. 

And also, I'm kinda sorry about the past weeks short of blogging. As I wrote, some shit happened, and while it wasn't anything I couldn't deal with, it left me momentarily unmotivated to engage in anything. But nothing that spending time with mom and dad, and some good music couldn't get me through. And motivation for blogging came right back with the twerk jeans. So it's all good (almost). 

Malin out. 

17 January 2015


(Selfies from last week.)

So, I just wanted to let you know that I've got some personal stuff going on right now, and as blogging has been on the low this week, it will probably continue to be so for a while longer. I've been feeling bad about neglecting it, so I just wanted to let you know that I just need some time, and that I'll be back soon! 

Lot's of love, 

Malin out.